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Outstanding Security Doors

Security Doors Adelaide are becoming exceptionally popular within Australian homes. Security doors offer peace of mind. With the installment of one of the Portlites’ security screens and doors, you will be protecting your valuable and family from any potential intruders. Many homes have already done this before it’s too late! The team here at Portlite have manufactured a vast range of aluminum and wrought iron doors. Our customers can select a unique design from our range of choices. Additionally, there is a huge range of prices, so each customer will find something to suit their budget. Importantly, customers will also find that our service is exceptional. We go above and beyond for our clients. Our offices are situated at 31 Lindon Place, Port Adelaide. Come and have a chat with us during our business hours or contact us via We know that the strength and functionality are significant factors of a screen door. Due to this, we constantly use a blacksmith to ensure that the doors are durable. We are a prominent South Australian business and deliver the greatest customer service.

Security Doors Tailored to Your Needs

We assemble security doors to meet your requirements. The professional team here at Portlite pride themselves on delivering high-quality security doors. We always take the time to understand your desires and organize which design will be best for your home. We offer wrought iron security doors, steel security grilles, Ampilmesh Supascreens and doors Adelaide with a unique design. Furthermore, we provide on-going services such as upkeep and refurbishing. Therefore, as a result, we have sustained a loyal clientele base. The Portlite team has been depended upon by Australian families since 1976. Subsequent to doors, we also provide aluminum windows Adelaide. For the best service, look no further than Portlite. With our great product collection, excellent service, and large client base, you can be guaranteed that you will receive the best security!

Look After Your Home with Portlites Security Doors

Portlite security doors are the best doors presented to the market. Every security door will be completely customized to suit your home and your personal needs. All of our doors are produced using 316 Marine grade stainless steel security mesh. This means that the door is anti-corrosive and we will apply a UV defensive coating. Moreover, we enclose the door closer to the frame. This prevents the door from slamming shut all the time. Other qualities of the doors include no noticeable screws, an anti-bug strip and meets industry manufacture standards. Come and have a one on one discussion with our professional staff. We will help you through each phase and make certain that you receive the best goods. For guaranteed after sales service and exceptional products, contact us here at Portlite. Our contact number is 08 8447 6392.

Book an appointment with one of our expert staff and start planning your new security door. You can contact us at or give us a call on 08 8447 6392.

Safeguard your possessions with Portlites security screen doors.
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Portlite is renowned for service, quality and price when it comes to security screen doors and windows in Adelaide. Our services are performed by our employees who are fully accountable and responsible for Portlite’s work.

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