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Key Questions To Ask Your Chosen Aluminium Door Installer

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Key Questions To Ask Your Chosen Aluminium Door Installer

If you’re planning to install aluminium windows and doors, you need to conduct thorough research before selecting a contractor. A reputed supplier must be chosen after asking the right questions. To ensure that the supplier is trustworthy, it’s important to ask them about their work, their commitment to their customers, and their efficiency in handling the project. Here are some essential questions that you must ask before making a final decision.

What’s their average turnover time?

Seasonal fluctuations, odd or unusual colour availability, and resizing can impact the timeline of the project. Ask your prospective supplier about their turnaround time and their efficiency in starting a new job. Be wary of suppliers that promise to prioritise your job over others since they may not treat you as their priority once you make the initial payment.

Have you surveyed their references?

Make sure you ask for references and follow up with them to gauge the contractor’s work quality. Happy customers are the best judges of the supplier and his work. Ask the references about any issues they faced, and how the supplier handled them to get a better idea of the supplier’s efficiency in handling the project.

What preparation does the homeowner need to do?

Ask the contractor what the homeowner needs to do before the replacement of the door or windows. This includes moving furniture, clearing debris, shifting vehicles, and ensuring pet safety. This will give you a fair idea of the supplier’s ability to handle any crisis that may occur during the replacement.

What is the solution for any structural damages that might come in the way of installation?

Damages such as moisture or bug damage in the frame can only be noticed once the security doors and windows have been detached from the wall. Ask your supplier whether they can handle these issues, how much they will charge, and if there will be any extra charges.

Will they clean up after the job?

Ask the contractor about their cleaning process, whether they will clean up their work area and dispose of debris. Also, ask whether they will do deep cleaning and leave the area spotless. Inquire about any safety hazards that may be present overnight.

How do they handle warranty claims?

Ensure that the contractor has a warranty, and they will honour it. Unqualified contractors may not have any sound warranties to offer. So, be sure to ask about their policy on warranty claims.

By asking these questions, you can be confident in your decision and have a successful installation of your aluminium windows and doors.

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