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Window Screen Security in Adelaide

Window screens Adelaide are an extremely popular way to protect your home. The Portlite Window security screen is fitted with external or sliding functionality. We offer a range of designs, colours, and can customize the size to your needs. The style and functionality of our window screens, making them the obvious choice for your home. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for. We would love for you to come and visit us at 31 Lindon Place, Port Adelaide. We are open from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can call us on 08 8447 6392 or send an inquiry via We understand that the strength of the screen is extremely important. That’s why we always use the highest quality of materials to construct our screens. Additionally, we use innovative technology and unique techniques to assemble the screens. For the highest degree of durability, talk to our specialist team at Portlite. We will provide you with the best customer service and product.

Super Strong Widow Screen Security

The team at Portlite construct strong and durable window screen security. Each window screen security is customised to meet your requirements. The skilled team here at Portlite pride themselves on providing the highest quality workmanship. We always take the time to understand your requirements and family needs, so that we can develop the best security strategy for your home. Here at Portlite, we develop windows Adelaide and many other products. These products include wrought iron security doors, steel security grilles, Ampilmesh Supascreens and doors with a creative steel design. Additionally, we offer on-going customer service after the purchase. This includes preservation and refurbishing. Hence why we have such a loyal client base. Our team has been trusted by Australian families since 1976. For the best service in the industry, look no further than Portlite. We offer outstanding service and will deliver durable security windows.

Excellent Window Security Screens in Adelaide

Portlite window security screens are the top screens presently offered to the marketplace. Portlite window security screens will be completely tailored to properly fit your needs and your family’s. Each of our screens is constructed using 316 Marine grade stainless steel security mesh. As a customer, this means that the screen is anti-corrosive and we will apply a UV defensive glaze. Also, we make certain that your screen is constructed in an attentive manner so that it is suited to the frame. This averts the screen from thumping shut. Supplementary qualities of the screens include no noticeable screws, an anti-bug strip and they meet Australian manufacturing standards. Come and have a one on one conversation with our talented staff. We will support you through each stage and make certain that you obtain the best goods. For positive after sales service and better products, contact us here at Portlite. Our top contact number is 08 8447 6392.

Book an appointment with one of our expert staff and start planning your new security screen door Adelaide. You can contact us at or give us a call on 08 8447 6392.

Safeguard your possessions with Portlites security screen doors.
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Portlite is renowned for service, quality and price when it comes to security screen doors and windows in Adelaide. Our services are performed by our employees who are fully accountable and responsible for Portlite’s work.

Learn more about our security doors and security windows Adelaide and Port Adelaide by filling out the contact form or calling us on 08 8447 6392. Request a free measure and quote for the products and services you need when shopping around for security doors Adelaide.