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Advice for Screen Door installation in Adelaide

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Advice for Screen Door installation in Adelaide

What is the secret behind the enormous popularity of screen doors Adelaide? It is simple; the doors keep the insects out and let the fresh air in. Years ago, only a handful of types were available. But recently, the industry has gone through an unprecedented growth period. Now you have a complete range of choices to separate the outdoor and indoor spaces in your home elegantly and beautifully.

Are you after some advice for screen door installation? Read the blog further to learn more.

Types of screen doors

Before we move further, let’s understand the different types of screen doors.

  • Traditional doors: These doors fit on the outside of your existing door, and open outwards. This makes them the perfect fit for backyards, side entry or front doors. They are made out of either synthetic materials, aluminium or wood.
  • Retractable doors: Like pull-down window blinds, you can pull the door across when you need it. Since the door remains invisible when not in use, it’s a great design choice for your front door. You don’t need to compromise the curb appeal while still letting fresh air flow into your home.
  • Slider doors: These doors are installed on an exterior track. If there is no patio door with a sliding screen, then you can add it to the existing door.

Right measurement is essential

Whether it is a traditional door or sliding door, the measurement must be correct. You need to go through the instructions before you buy a screen door to ensure it’s a good fit for your home. For sliding patio doors, the measurement of the sliding panel is required. If the door is off-sized, then the next size wooden model should be taken for the perfect fitting.


Installation depends on the model and types you have chosen. The traditional door is the simplest. All you have to do is attach the hinges and handles using the screws. You’ll want to have the necessary tools on hand, including a drill, a screwdriver, measurement tape, and a marker. If you are installing it in-house, then make sure you are expert in the work. Even a small error could be disastrous.

Sealing the door

It is important to seal the raw edge with exterior paint before installation. This way, you can avoid premature weathering. In case the door is unfinished, you will need to paint it completely. Alternatively, you can apply varnish as well. Aluminium and synthetic material don’t need any additional waterproofing. There shouldn’t be any gap in the bottom of the screen. It leaves the room for insects or dust coming in. If a gap remains, you can install a door sweep.

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