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Security Screens Or Steel Security Grilles — Which Is The Best For Your Home?

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Security Screens Or Steel Security Grilles — Which Is The Best For Your Home?

We fully understand your two main concerns as a homeowner – the first is to keep your home and family safe and the second is to keep your home looking great. At Portlite we offer customised and robust solutions to both of these points with our range of security screens and security grilles Adelaide-wide. Both security screens and security grilles are additional barriers installed on windows for additional security and privacy. However, these two options vary drastically when it comes to their build, costs, functionality and use. Both these options give your home that extra layer of protection it needs while enhancing the style and décor of your property. Whether to choose security grilles or security screens, it is an investment that must last you and meet all your security needs for years and years. In this blog, we are helping you fully understand the difference so you can decide which of the security screens or security grilles is the right choice for your specific requirements.

What are security screens Adelaide?

Security Screen Doors Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular in all homes. Highly resistant to damage., many homes have incorporated security screen doors as a part of their security system. The team here at Portlite manufacture a wide range of aluminium and wrought iron doors. Customers can choose from a wide range of designs and prices. Most noteworthy is that customers will find something to suit their tastes and budget.

What are security grilles Adelaide?

Steel security grilles Adelaide homeowners are increasingly getting installed are sturdy metal bars (do not feature mesh security screens) manufactured with highly robust materials and come in different designs, sizes, colours and shapes. They complement a security door for total security in your home. Security grilles are widely used for domestic as well as commercial applications. Specifications include: custom-made and all fully welded, solid steel sections, easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion, available in a vast colour range and professionally installed for your complete peace of mind. You can get the grilles customised to your specifications with the design, pattern and colours to complement the look and architecture of your house.

Choosing Between Security Screens And Steel Security Grilles:

1. Budget: There is a huge range of screens and grilles available to suit any price range and you won’t have to worry about finding the one that fits your budget. A reputed company will talk to you about your wants, personal style, and budget before recommending a Window and door design to tick all the boxes for your needs.

2. Functionality: Both security screens and security grilles offer enhanced security and protection. When it comes to functionality, security screens secure your home without affecting natural lighting, ventilation or the outside view and help in keeping pests and flies outside the house. Security grilles are more focused on the security aspect, and the dense bars will not keep out insects.

3. Aesthetics: Get a security door or security grilles that are unique and tailored to your individual needs and your home’s style. When you use an experienced supplier of security screens, you have the freedom to choose an option that best suits your functional needs and meets your home’s style. Get a custom-made screen door or security grilles that matches and complements the overall appearance and aesthetic of your property. Even the most aesthetic screens or grilles improve the appeal of your property without compromising on the security and safety of your property.

Get Affordable Security Screen And Steel Security Grilles Adelaide

At Portlite, we specialise in creating high-quality, custom windows and door barriers to keep Adelaide homes safe. No matter what design or functionality you want your new window or door to meet, we have the best options available to suit all security features without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Whatever security barriers you choose to install, every solution by Portlite meets high-quality standards giving you the best options possible within your budget. For reliable, affordable and customised home security solutions you can count on our specialised services and products.

If you are still not sure which window or door solution is right for your home then give us a call today. Our friendly staff will help you with choosing the right option for your home or office. We have over 45 years of experience assisting SA families and we will ensure you get the best service from start to finish. For maximum protection and to add incredible value to your home get in touch online for a free quote or call us today!


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