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Tips For Cleaning Security Screen Doors

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Tips For Cleaning Security Screen Doors

If your house has an additional door over the main door then read on to find out how to clean your security screen doors properly and efficiently. As the name suggests, the primary purpose of such security screen doors Adelaide is to boost security. Security screen doors Adelaide residents install allow for extra flexibility and protection for exterior doors. You can enjoy fresh air and breeze coming from the screen door without compromising on security, safety, and privacy. Security screen doors allow you to open your home to fresh air and natural light creating a more spacious feel without the worry of pests or intruders. Because of their nature, security doors might not always have a flat surface. That is why cleaning security doors follow a slightly different procedure in comparison to cleaning regular doors. The two types of security door options found commonly include:

Security Screens Adelaide

Security Screen Doors Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular in all homes. Highly resistant to damage., many homes have incorporated security screen doors as a part of their security system. The team here at Portlite manufactures a wide range of aluminium and wrought iron doors. Customers can choose from a wide range of designs and prices.

Security Grilles Adelaide

Steel security grilles Adelaide homeowners are increasingly getting installed are sturdy metal bars (do not feature mesh security screens) manufactured with highly robust materials and come in different designs, sizes, colours and shapes. They complement a security door for total security in your home. Security grilles are widely used for domestic as well as commercial applications. Specifications include: custom-made and all fully welded, solid steel sections, easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion, available in a vast colour range, and professionally installed for your complete peace of mind.

Why Cleaning Security Doors Is Important

Keeping security doors well-maintained will ensure that they continue to function properly and look appealing for years to come. Cleaning Security Doors is just as important as any other maintenance activity in your house. The general location of the security door determines the frequency of cleaning. If your house is located in bushland or in a windy area you might need to clean the unusual amount of dust from your security door more frequently. Apart from regular cleaning once a month, we recommend cleaning your security screens thoroughly every three months.

Cleaning materials: If your screen door gets really dusty then a mild soap solution should be good enough but if you are located in a coastal area then cleaning agents that can neutralise the salts are recommended to keep your security doors looking as good as new.

How to clean: Before wetting the security screen door, start off with a thorough dry cleaning to remove dust and debris. Use lint-free dusters to clean the security doors or you can use a vacuum cleaner for this step. Just make sure you use the vacuum cleaner on a low setting and use the right attachment, this way the screen won’t be damaged. Once dry cleaning is done, use warm water and mild soap to deep clean the door. Lastly, dry the screen with a cloth to restore its clean look.

If cleaning a security door seems like a daunting task then get in touch with professionals to achieve great results and keep your security screen looking as good as new.

Get Affordable Security Screen And Steel Security Grilles Adelaide

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