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What is the best front door for security in Adelaide?

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Security Doors Adelaide

What is the best front door for security in Adelaide?

No one wants to compromise on the security and safety of their homes or offices and installing a security door is the best place to start! But how to decide which is the best security door for your Adelaide property? It is important to know what the main purpose of the security door will be, as the answer will help you decide on the best suited front door for your home. Through this blog we are helping you determine different types of security doors we offer to help you find the right one for you.

We offer wrought iron security doors, steel security grilles, Amplimesh Supascreens and doors with a decorative steel design. Additionally, we provide ongoing services such as maintenance and refurbishing. We also offer a wide variety of door colours so you can truly make your door your own. Look through some of our most popular designs on our website to begin planning your new entryway with enhanced security features.

Wrought Iron Security Front Doors

With these steel security doors there are vast designs on offer and each security door can be customised to create special designs to customer specification. Portlite manufactures wrought iron doors in its workshop, and we take pride in the highest quality workmanship that we deliver with each security door. From heritage to contemporary designs, our security doors are fully welded, come with brass or stainless-steel lever handles, are hot dip galvanised for ultimate corrosion protection and fully installed to give you ultimate security and enhance your property’s visual appeal.

Decorative Security Doors Adelaide

If you are looking for a door to bulk up your security but that doesn’t take away from the visual appeal of your property then you have come to the right place. At Portlite we specialise in attractive steel security doors Adelaide that are durable and stylish to match your home’s architecture and exterior. Our special steel doors are made to optimise both beauty and home security. These doors feature classic heritage designs and sleek contemporary styles that complement the look of your home. To top it our decorative yet sturdy doors have high resistance against both impact and unauthorised entry to keep you safe from storm damage and intruders alike.

When you choose security doors installed by Portlite you get a three-point lock system for greater security. All security doors are installed by our expert technicians and customised to fit exactly in your entryway, with custom sizing available.

Amplimesh Security Screens Adelaide

At Portlite we offer an innovative security products technology – Supascreen. These security screens are assembled using a unique patented pressure process eliminating the need for screws, rivets, pins, or snap-ins to retain the mesh panel. Made of marine grade 316 high tensile stainless steel woven mesh the Supascreen is widely known for its strength and durability offering peace of mind knowing your home is always secure.

Choose The Best Security Doors Adelaide – Contact Portlite Today!

No matter what design or functionality you want your new door to meet, we have the best security doors to suit all security features without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Whatever door you choose to install, every door by Portlite meets high quality standards giving you the best options possible within your budget.

If you are still not sure which security door is right for your home then give us a call today. Our friendly staff will help you with choosing the right door for your home or office. We have over 45 years of experience assisting SA families and we will ensure you get the best service from start to finish.


Portlite is renowned for service, quality and price when it comes to security screen doors and windows in Adelaide. Our services are performed by our employees who are fully accountable and responsible for Portlite’s work.

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